Free Training NRAS workshop in December 2017

ByMary Clegg

Free Training NRAS workshop in December 2017

For all of you who follow me, I have had a memorable workshop with occupational therapists, specialist nurses and rheumatoid physiotherapists in Glasgow in the summer. What a lovely bunch of ladies. Their candid contributions and honestly blew me away. My colleague Sarah Collins and I were talking about relationships and sexuality and the emotional impact of chronic illness on patients. This was a sponsored event which is free for any healthcare practitioner who works with chronic illness. Run by NRAS the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society this is a workshop not to be missed. I don’t say that because I play a part, but because it is such a reflective day and really challenges your interaction with patients from an emotional perspective. Sadly the Poole date of 11th October had to be cancelled as there were not enough numbers for FREE CPD!  There will be a follow up in December this year.  So come, be represented and above all make a difference. Contact me directly for more information: For more information on the NRAS website.

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