Integrative Psychotherapy

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What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Integrative psychotherapy makes use of a number of different psychology theories or models and techniques to help you understand yourself and your situation more clearly. If you chose short-term work we may concentrate more on the behaviour, feelings and emotions that affect you now and identify new ways to think, feel and act. Using a longer-term approach you may choose to look much more deeply at your past to understand your thoughts and feelings and look for more gradual changes for your present and future life.

Many people find that psychotherapy has helped resolve difficulties that have their origins in their past, have more confidence to deal with the present and look at change as a new concept for personal growth which will serve them well for their future.

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Therapy Help That Opens Doors

Your therapist will always make it clear which model they are working with so that you understand fully the process they are using. This mix of models allows the therapist to tailor-make therapy for you and not be restricted to a purist (i.e. staying only with one way of working) model.

Sometimes the therapist says very little indeed which works really well for many clients while some, on the other hand, find this a little uncomfortable. Knowing the style of your therapist is important for the therapeutic alliance to form. The alliance is crucial for trust to grow in this special relationship. The therapeutic relationship is special and different from other relationships in that your therapist is not a friend, who may be biased, but completely non-judgemental and singularly in your agenda.  They explore your various difficulties in an atmosphere of trust and safety.

All therapists working for the Mary Clegg Clinic are integrative to give you that choice.

Therapy is a safe place which is non-judgemental, confidential and complies with strict ethical codes to give the client the best possible outcome. We work with your goals to ensure all the work we do with you is relevant, proactive and timely.

Psychotherapy may be able to help with:

  • Stress, anxiety, anger issues, panic attacks or depression
  • Coping with things that happened to you in the past
  • Exploring your current situation and how to make positive changes for the future
  • Bereavement, separation or other painful loss

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