Testimonials Mary Clegg

Testimonials from clients about Mary Clegg and the therapy experience.

These testimonials are all from genuine clients of Mary Clegg and have not been altered in any way. They come from a client outcome and feedback form completed by her clients at the end of therapy so that Mary can keep track of any progress made and monitor her work.

“Fantastic experience, in my short time with Mary I was unsure if any real difference could be made, however, within 24 hours I am much more confident (inside and out), happier and ready to take over the world! Thank you so much Mary, you’re a rock star!”

“genuinely believe that you have helped to save our marriage”

“Mary has given us a real insight into what was going wrong in our relationship and what we can both do to get things right from now on. For the first time in a long time, I do believe our marriage can be a happy one.”

“I have worked hard alone for the last 3 years to achieve orgasm. I’ve waited 30 years to experience an orgasm and all the research, experimenting just didn’t work. I spent 2 hours with Mary Clegg and experienced an orgasm! I’ve learned more in one weekend than I did after 3 years of trying alone. Internally grateful – thank you.”

“very pleased to be ‘working’ with Mary Clegg”


What other therapists have to say about Mary

Eric Amaranth, sex life consultant, Sex Life Consulting Ltd.

“Mary is a heart-filled relationship and sex therapist who moves couples from the rocks to a warm, happy bed together.”

Jane Higginbotham Håkansson, Life Coach, JJ Life Coaching

“As a professional coach and businesswomen, I can thoroughly recommend Mary Clegg. She provides sincere advice delivered with confidence and professionalism backed with lots of knowledge and expertise.”

George O’Neil, Counsellor / systemic therapist, Derbyshire County PCT

“Mary is hard working, full of ideas. She is a psychotherapist – if I was going through troubled times would I choose Mary as a person to confide in? Certainly!”

Dominic Davies, Director, Pink Therapy

“Mary is an experienced therapist who has trained at one of the best Psychosex courses in the UK.”

Juliet Grayson Psychosexual Therapist and Counsellor

“I employed Mary to run a course for me in January 2009 ‘Sex Toys for the Terrified’ and it was terrific. That was the start of a professional relationship that has deepened. Mary has an excellent knowledge of her subject, is an engaging and lively speaker, and works effectively with couples and people with sexual issues. She is warm, kind, and knowledgeable. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Michaela McCarthy, Managing Director and Consultant Psychotherapist, The Awareness Centre

“Mary is a very motivated practitioner and I admire Mary’s knowledge and experience as a psychosexual and relationship therapist.

Ruth Hallam-Jones, Registered and Accredited Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Psychosexual Psychotherapist

“Mary is one of the 4 Dimensional (not just 3D) therapists in this country. By that I mean she is able to initiate and help patients get a full assessment of any current problems by looking at all the factors and causes that may be relevant. She is competent to provide a full range of therapy options which the patient can understand and so use the most relevant treatment for their particular situation. She is constantly reviewing research findings and new approaches to difficulties and I recommend her professional skill, inspirational interest and creative manner of working to all.”

Sue Newsome, Psychosexual Therapist

“Mary is a resourceful and experienced therapist working in the field of sex and relationships. She has great determination and drives and works to a very professional standard. I would recommend Mary without hesitation.”

Ross Thornley, Owner, RT Media Ltd

“I met Mary about 12 years ago and have been humbled by her drive, ambition and hard work to help people and build her business. We have been supporting Mary with marketing, PR and web development over the years and have been delighted with the professionalism and passion. She is both caring and insightful; I happily recommend Mary, knowing anyone will be respected and well looked after.”

Trudy Hannington, psychosexual therapist, Chair COSRT

“Mary is an excellent psychosexual therapist and totally dedicated to the profession. She enjoys new challenges and is keen to self-develop. She is extremely reliable and honest as a person and adheres at all times to the strict guidelines and ethics of COSRT within her work. She is a warm and friendly person who enjoys helping others and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other colleagues to deliver training or to clients for psychosexual therapy.”

Rose Whiteley Diploma Year Tutor at CPPD School of Counselling, psychosexual therapist

“Mary is a dedicated professional and trusted colleague who works hard to stay abreast of the latest developments in the psychosexual field. She is also helpful, obliging and personable. She is, therefore, someone I know I can turn to if I want to check my facts.”