Counselling & Therapy

How We Work

Thank you for your interest in having counselling or therapy with the Mary Clegg Clinic. We would like to give you an idea of the process of therapy and to provide some guidelines and boundaries for us to work together.  Therapy is regarded by some as simply an emotional prop for the inadequate. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Therapy requires courage and a lot of commitment.  From the outset it is important to recognise that while anyone may influence you, the only person with the power to change things is you….and you do have that power.

Happy elderly Couple

See Yourselves Happy Again

It is good to be an active partner in the therapeutic process and not a passive recipient of therapy.  Being as honest as you can during the sessions is very important.  The more you participate in the work done together the more likely you are to find therapy helpful.  You may need to work on the issues that are discussed in your sessions in your own time.  Your therapist will suggest how you may do this and it could be in the form of development of skills at home.

Sensing real connections in our relationships is vital to us as human beings.  Being able to experience this in a therapeutic relationship itself can help us to become more confident and genuine in the way we relate to our partners and others in our lives.

Therapy Room

Therapy Room

What to Expect from Your Counselling Session

Don’t be surprised if you find that the sessions are difficult and challenging.  You may get in touch with thoughts and feelings you have previously preferred not to acknowledge; guilt, shame, anger, or sadness.  It would be unrealistic to guarantee specific outcomes, but if you are concerned at any time that therapy is not meeting your expectations it would be helpful to discuss this at your next session with your therapist.

At the start of therapy we will be identifying what motivated you to start the process and what you may hope to get out of it.  It will involve taking a detailed history of your life and relationships and of your medical situation if that is appropriate.  This reflects the concentration your therapist will be giving to all the aspects of you; body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, family and social influences.

Assessment is a continuing process throughout therapy but once the initial assessment has been made we will move to the ongoing work programme.  You will generally attend at agreed intervals for sessions that may vary in length. Your therapist will encourage you to explore your circumstances, thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to help you get a better understanding of the issues that brought you into therapy.  In the case of couples, they will also aim to help each of you to understand the part you may be playing in creating or maintaining the problems in your relationship with each other.

During the process you may need to impart sensitive and personal information. This will be treated with the greatest care. Your therapist will always respect your privacy very seriously. There is more detail in our Terms and Conditions on how we handle confidentiality.

The Mary Clegg Clinic Locations

The Mary Clegg Clinic relationship counselling sessions are held at:

  • Dorset town of Halstock (near Yeovil).
  • Chandlers Ford.
  • Andover in Hampshire.
  • Salisbury in Wiltshire.
  • Exeter in Devon.

Self-referrals and Referrals for Therapy from Healthcare Professionals

The Mary Clegg Clinic is happy to receive self-referrals and referrals for therapy from healthcare professionals. 
If you wish to make an appointment to speak to one of our therapists, we have several options available to you ranging from one to one individual/couple therapy sessions to an intensive 3 day couple therapy retreat in Dorset.

Contact Us

We provide individual and couples therapy via Skype, Facetime or Messenger if you are unable to attend the clinic sessions personally. These may offer a more flexible way forward after a minimum of one initial face to face meeting.

Harville Hendrix in his book Getting the Love you Want says that there are three phases to a relationship

Ideal – Ordeal – Real Deal

When you reach the Ordeal phase let the Mary Clegg Clinic help you to the Real Deal – Click here to book an appointment.