What is Intensive Therapy?

Intensive Therapy Programme

Intensive Therapy in Relaxing Surroundings

Sitting Together and Talking

The intensive therapy programme is popular with many clients since intensive work gives the opportunity to explore issues without limits on the time allocated for individual sessions, the number of sessions in a given period, nor the need to “catch up” with homework tasks between sessions.

It is most important that clients have no outside distractions and can concentrate fully on the therapy programme in the given time.  With the best will in the world interruptions in the form of family, work, pets, etc., can interfere with engaging one’s mind in the therapy process.  For these reasons it is recommended that clients check in to local accommodation, impose strict limitations on contact from friends and family (emergencies excepted) and limit alcohol consumption and interaction with other people to the minimum so that the therapy receives full attention. We can supply accommodation on site in our fully self-contained annexe at extra cost or a list of local accommodation can be supplied on request.

Intensive Therapy in Relaxing Surroundings

Intensive Therapy in Relaxing Surroundings

Mary is a highly skilled therapist who has a very open, flexible and pragmatic approach to therapy. Sometimes it is directive but can be client centred which can raise issues that are challenging and could even be distressing.  She contains strict boundaries around client safety, confidentiality and works in a highly ethical way.  She is frank and very honest and because topics may include sex, her language is explicit but always appropriate.

A typical format is outlined below but Mary works with what you bring so sessions can be considerably longer. In any event, the 3 days will involve you in a lot of work and can be emotionally and physically draining.

Day 1.

Start the day with a therapy session at the Halstock therapy room (normally at least 2 hours).  This session sets the scene for the programme, outlines goals of work and gives each partner the opportunity to air issues in an open and constructive way.  Return to an accommodation with a specific area to explore.  This may be in the form of tasks to do, DVD material to watch or to reflect on the previous session.  Return to Halstock Therapy Room for a debriefing on previous work. After this session Clients will return to their accommodation to work with material brought up during the day.

Day 2.

Return in the morning to review and explore more. During the day there will be a mixture of therapy sessions and be working alone with a specific area to explore overnight.

Day 3.

Review and explore the intensive sessions and agree to plan for ongoing therapy or further work. By its very nature, throughout Intensive Therapy, you will have exclusive and flexible access to Mary.

Starting cost is £2500 for the intensive programme as described above.