Self Care Strategies Table

Personal Assessment of Self-Care Strategies

(Taken from Living through Loss, Nancy R Hooyman and Betty J Kramer)

How frequently do you do the following? 1. Often 2. Sometimes 3. Rarely  4. Never

Physical   Psychological   Emotional   Spiritual   Professional  
Eat Regularly   Take day trips   Spend time with others whose company you enjoy   Make time for reflection


  Take time to chat with co-workers


Eat Healthily


  Turn off the phone and make time for reflection   Stay in contact with important people in your life   Spend time in nature


  Balance your workload so no one day or part of the day is ‘too much’  
Exercise   Have your own counselling or therapy   Give yourself affirmations/ Praise yourself   Find a spiritual connection or community   Make quiet time to complete tasks  
Get regular medical care   Keep a diary or journal   Love yourself


  Be open to inspiration   Get regular supervision and support  



Get medical care when needed   Read a book


  Reread favourite books or watch favourite films   Cherish your hope and optimism


  Have a peer support group  
Take time off when sick


  Attempt to minimise stress in your life   Identify comforting activities, objects, people and relationships and seek them out.   Be open to not knowing   Strive for balance in work life and play


Get enough sleep


  Do something at which you are not in charge


  Let yourself cry


  Identify what is meaningful to you and it’s placed in your life


  Develop some open understanding with colleagues about what is going for you in your life.  
Get massages



Dance, swim, walk, run, play other sports   Listen to your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings   Find things that make you laugh   Meditate, pray, sing


Wear clothes you like


  Let others know different aspects of you   Express your anger in a safe and supportive environment   Contribute to causes in which you believe      
Take holidays


  Practice receiving from others       Read inspirational literature      
    Say no to extras       Be aware of your  surroundings