Mary Clegg on Sasha Twinning show Radio Solent 14th March

ByMary Clegg

Mary Clegg on Sasha Twinning show Radio Solent 14th March

As I mentioned I have a Programme of Relationship Therapy for Couples called Focus on Unity.  Well next Wednesday 14th March at 12.00 on the Sasha Twinning Show Radio Solent

I am their Expert for the day and will get a chance to talk about it.  I would like the opportunity to talk about the need for relationship therapy in the UK.  According to recent research family breakdown costs this country 51 billion (Ian Duncan Smith’s Breakdown Britain report in 2009 said 37 billion) so it is rising.  See this link

Focus on Unity engages couples for about 12-15 sessions and the results are life-changing.  I have outcome measures from couples over the last 10 years who have used this way of working with me.  It is dynamic, challenging and very directive but unlike a lot of talking therapies we give them tools to make sure their relationship goes from chaos to calm from ordeal to ideal.  These tools if used really do make a difference, and couples report better and more effective communication with each other, they can better regulate their emotions so that they can engage in a stable way, they manage conflict and rows more productively and they have a vision for the future that they can regularly check in on to make sure they stay on track.

I now have 4 other therapists working to deliver this programme from Exeter to Maidenhead and Wiltshire and Hampshire in between.  This is under the banner of the Mary Clegg Clinic.  I am running training events to train other therapists on the model and these are proving very popular as counsellors and therapists recognise a timely response to relationship difficulties is essential.  Couples come in crisis so cannot wait for conventional methods of therapy to produce results.

There is a link to my website where there is a video of me training.

The book comes next and I am actively looking for a publisher!


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