What is Marriage Counselling?

The Benefits of Marriage Counselling

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Marriage Counselling

Mary Clegg’s years of experience working with couples in conflict gives her a unique insight into what makes a marriage work.  Couple this with her extensive training in the management of sexual difficulties then this becomes a unique opportunity to work on your marriage so that your relationship lasts through the years.  You will learn skills to enhance communication within your marriage covering tricky areas of conflict, especially sexual ones.  Maintaining joy and pleasure in the intimate and sexual area of a marriage can be problematic, especially when children, work, family members or other commitments intrude.  Our therapists will help you find long-term solutions that really work for you and for your partner.  In short, we will give you a Tool-Kit that is proven to work.

Why do we Believe in Marriage Counselling?

Marriage CounsellingThere is compelling evidence that work on your marriage reduces the risk of divorce or separation by up to 30% and will lead to a happier, healthier and stronger union.  We know that improving your skills to communicate with each other effectively may prevent difficulties further on and that this preparation allows you to have a solution-focused agenda rather than conflict, bickering and arguments.  If there are no effective interventions of this kind, many couples do not have the toolkit to deal with negative and destructive habits built up over years that are often much more difficult to resolve.

Living in our cosmopolitan western society many of us do not have the support network of close family and longstanding friends to turn to or to help us when we face problems in our lives.  This leads us to rely on our partner for sometimes more support than they may be able to give.  Our therapists show you how to get and ask for the help that you need in a way that is non-confrontational and engages your partner in seeking solutions with you before the issue becomes too big to handle.

Many years ago the clergy, as part of marriage preparation, gave sexual information.  This has waned in recent years.  Many times Mary Clegg has heard her clients say “there is no one else I could ask or talk to about this”.  All our therapists maintain a non-judgmental stance and are supportive of their work so, during the sessions with them, you are encouraged to ask questions you never dared ask elsewhere.  We are also mindful that sex education in the UK is patchy and has been so for many years.  Some of the course is excellent but some are virtually no more than reproductive biology.  Our therapy programme will redress the balance and give you all the information you need to have a pleasurable and fulfilling sex life, long into your twilight years.

There are three pillars of good marriages. Effective communication, confidence in oneself and ability to manage conflict. These overlap three other areas of our lives: intimacy, work and the social interaction with others.

Pillars-of-communicationsIf we strengthen any of the three pillars of communication, confidence and conflict management then we are more likely to have a happier and more fulfilling intimate marriage with our partner.

Improved communication – which means you are more likely to be able to live in harmony with one another.

Improved confidence – which means that by being able to speak openly, honestly and frankly will enable you to avoid hidden agendas and blocks that often mar good relationships.

Conflict management – which means giving you the skills to resolve issues mutually allowing you to explore difficulties in an atmosphere of trust and empathy.

What will you get out of the Mary Clegg Clinic’s Marriage Counselling?

  • Tool-Kit that works to maintain a strong marriage
  • Communication Skills Conflict resolution – anger and anxiety management skills
  • Goal setting, negotiation and compromise skills
  • Enhanced Sexual Education
  • Thorough knowledge of your impact on another

What to do Next

Invest in your marriages for the future. Make a commitment to ensure you are prepared to have a life of happiness with another person. Click here to book an appointment.