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Relationship therapy by Mary Clegg for Singles


About Our Therapy for Singles

There are many pressures on single people nowadays to conform to societal norms. The media makes much of being in a relationship. But for some, this is very difficult to achieve. Human beings by their nature are social animals designed to interact with others, form bonds and eventually mate and procreate. Seems very simple put that way doesn’t it?

But what if for all your efforts you seem unable to form long-term relationships and fear the commitment or intimacy it demands? Or what if you have been abused in some way emotionally or sexually and you fear intimacy and are not able to really trust?

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Single but not alone

Another group of people are those who have formed intimate relationships but for some reason or another cannot commit, or relationships keep ending with sadness and loss. If you experience that closeness and then it ends this can be devastating and could affect your self-esteem. You may decide to withdraw from forming these bonds thinking that love and romance are not for you, or that you prefer your own company. These pressures and others may cause anxiety, even stress and in many cases the drawing of lines for you so that you avoid the possibility of relationships. Our ability to discuss problems with anyone let alone with family and friends seems to get more difficult.

So it can be hard to talk about our relationship difficulties and many of us go through periods when this situation makes us unhappy and ill at ease. The inability to discuss these feelings makes us even more unhappy and worried and we may become anxious too. Some people feel they have no one to turn to and feel that problems become unsolvable.

If any of these sounds like you then relationship therapy for singles may help you.

Relationship Therapy for Singles may be able to help with:

  • Understanding where and how the problems affecting you have arisen
  • Difficulties around abuse and trusting another
  • Problems arising from a change in life circumstances (caring for elderly relatives or employment changes)
  • Sexual problems (which may have many causes, including physical, psychological, emotional or circumstantial)
  • Recovering intimacy
  • Communication issues
  • Learning about your sexual self
  • Empowerment – self-esteem
  • Recovering confidence in yourself

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