What Happens in Couples Counselling?

Relationship Counselling Explained

The Mary Clegg therapists have very different styles of working. Relationship or couples counselling is more directive and even prescriptive in the form of exercises at home than one to one therapy. You will be given an opportunity whatever your therapist’s style to tell your stories about your relationship and how you have come to where you are now. You will be helped to make sense of your relationship and understand each other better and by doing so to facilitate acceptance, forgiveness and compassion for each other.

You may be asked what your goals are for the future and what you want from the therapist. Don’t worry if you don’t really know, exploring your issues in a place that feels safe and secure, helps you discover where you want to go, what you want to do and what your needs are.

Above all you both need to be committed to changes in your relationship. What those changes depend on what is realistic, possible and achievable. Therapy or counselling does not seek to change you but perhaps modify your behaviour towards your partner and theirs towards you. By being able to make these changes, sustain them and progress more optimistically enables you to work towards a more fulfilling and sustainable relationship. What Harville Hendrix (Getting the Love you Want) describes as “The Real Deal”.

Young couple working together

Couples Working Together

As therapy progresses, you will be given life tools which will be practised in sessions so that you are able to employ them when having difficult discussions with each other. So you will move from being defensive, attacking or withdrawing to being able to hear and understand your partner and move forward positively and constructively.

Ways to communicate effectively are just one of those life tools. Others will be those relating to anger and conflict management strategies. Learning how to compromise and negotiate so that you both go for a win-win may be equally valuable. Our Programmes move you through stages at a pace determined entirely by you. This style of relationship counselling builds confidence in you so that you can effectively manage the difficulties you are going through. In rewriting your story you will find the strength and resources to resolve your difficulties, or at least make them more bearable.

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