Our Resources For Your Relationship Benefit

Therapists regard resources as any form of help, support and encouragement that you use to navigate your way through difficult times. They can be:

  • A supportive GP
  • Family and friends who are non-judgemental and who do not take sides
  • Joining a group activity – singing, martial arts, sport, volunteering etc.
  • Someone you can phone at short notice who is there for you
  • Reading books, looking at videos or downloading from the internet
  • Ways that you calm yourself down when you are angry or stressed i.e. listening to music, gardening, watching a favourite film or reading a favourite book, going for a run or other exercise
  • Taking time out for meditation, reflection, processing, winding down, being in nature

So how well are you resourced? How well do you take care of yourself? Take our quiz “Self Care Strategies” to see how you fare.

We also have many books and downloads that you can purchase through the site that is recommended reading by the Mary Clegg Clinic.