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“Across an important & particularly challenging period of my adult life, Lara’s intuitive, insightful, kind & encouraging sessions were invaluable to me. She equipped me with an almost sub-conscious tool kit for handling life challenges, & an understanding & confidence in my sense of self, which enabled me – without having to uproot the fundamentals of my life or my character – to not only grow through a difficult time, but also to see the goodness which pervaded it. At first, I was sheepish – in public at least – about the work I was doing with Lara. Yet by the end I understood it to be an essential part of living – no different to seeing a dentist for a toothache – & would tell people – & hopefully show people – the value it offers”

H – Previous Client

“While planning for our wedding, we have found that communication and decision-making have been particularly difficult. Lara’s session for young couples helped us to explore the underlying issues that cause tension, as well as giving us practical steps and advice to help manage these situations. The session helped us to explore a range of topics, many of which we hadn’t considered, in a refreshingly honest atmosphere.”

R & K – Engaged couple

” I am very grateful to Lara for the sessions we had with her. She listened well with empathy and gave us a range of ‘tools’ to enable us to put ourselves in each other’s position and try to understand exactly what the other one was saying without presuming or predicting. It helped me to change how I behaved.”

Previous Client

“After my husband’s infidelity came to light, we knew we were committed to repairing our marriage but we weren’t sure how! We felt some sessions of couples therapy would help us repair some of the unresolved issues. We felt very much that we wanted a non-judgemental space, where we could both feel safe to explore and talk about our feelings around our relationship, the betrayal and how we wanted to move forward. Our sessions with Lara enabled me and my husband to talk honestly and frankly about what had happened, which was the first step to healing for us. She was then able to guide us in exploring ways to better communicate with one another. We now both have a much richer awareness of the other’s emotional needs and our relationship has become so much stronger and happier as a result of this new understanding. Our time with Lara gave us the tools we needed to move forward and put the past behind us.”

“Lara’s coaching style was open, friendly, inclusive, conversational, directive and direct. For couples sessions it provided us with a common language to address areas where we were stuck and found it difficult to understand where the other was coming from even after 20 years of being together.

We were surprised at the root of a number of areas in our behaviour and interactions which provided us with a better understanding of each other and the tools to address and ultimately overcome our difficulties.

Lara’s style makes you feel relaxed and open to talk about anything as well as a space to be completely honest, even when you are not honest with yourself. We even had quite a few moments when we were all laughing.

We were able to not only address our issues but also provide excitement and experimentation for our intimate moments and joy and positivity for our next stage of life together”

“I was very sceptical about seeing a therapist as I felt that they were only paid to be ‘yes men’, however I was very wrong. I found this experience very helpful for me in which I had to challenge my way of thinking, as well my approach on things and in doing so I saw a different way on how to deal with issues and problems I’ve had as well, as all the negativity I have had to deal with. I definitely benefited from therapy and would definitely recall Lara to anyone that needed help with issues and problems they may have.”

MS – Previous Client

“We came to see Lara after infidelity in our marriage.  In all honesty we did not know whether we would be ending the sessions staying together or going our separate ways, but we both knew we wanted to make sure we did everything possible to try and understand what had happened.  Lara helped to guide us through really difficult conversations and eased information out of both of us that we probably wouldn’t have been able to share other wise. And those bits of information were so valuable to help to get to understand each others feelings so much better and bring to light why things happened and how to work on those areas.

Even if those conversations were hard at times we always felt we were able to share in the safe place Lara created and we now can communicate our feelings so much better.

She gave us tools that we could use in our everyday lives outside of our sessions to help us keep developing – and we still use those tools and methods now. We thankfully stayed together and we are very grateful for the support. We feel a new strength and bond together but also feel stronger as individuals too.”

Couple – Previous Clients

From Colleagues

“I have no hesitation in recommending Lara to both couples and individuals seeking a counsellor.  She is naturally warm, empathic and extremely fair, creating a safe and open environment in which to explore issues and move forward.”

Jo Lloyd, Couns Dip MBACP, Psychology of Eating Coach

“…not only is Lara warm and considerate to clients and colleagues she is proficient, effective, creative and inspiring”

Lisa Platts         Gestalt Clinical Psychotherapist UKCP Accr.