Focus on Unity Relationship Programme for Couples


We work with what works!

The FOCUS ON UNITY Relationship Programme for Couples is a dynamic and highly successful programme of relationship therapy – perhaps unique to this country.

Success measured through client feedback

We have a track record that comes from years of experience and from the outcome measures (CORE) from hundreds of couples facing acute difficulties in their relationships. The feedback we get tells us we make life changing differences and bring couples to a place where they can enjoy a relationship with each other at a level they may only have dreamed of.

Do we get results?

By its very nature it is a timely intervention where we know that people cannot wait for months to see results from therapy.  Dynamic, deductive therapy is challenging and not for those who merely want an exit.  This therapy helps to “join the dots” constructively so that clients understand where the difficulties have arisen and then we supply a tool kit to sort them out.  We work with what works.

Marshalling resources from around the world

The Mary Clegg Clinic Relationship Programme is based on the work of many world class therapists from around the world including: John Gottman, David Schnarch, Harville Hendrix, Andrew Samuels, Susan Quilliam, Juliet Grayson and Mary Clegg herself.  All therapists using the Programme have completed 12 days extra advanced training in couple’s therapy and are all supervised and mentored by Mary Clegg who is recognised to be one of the leading trainers in this country for sex and relationship therapy.  Furthermore, they undergo 4 days extra training a year in addition to their continued professional development work to hone their skills in sex and relationship therapy and adhere to our highly successful therapy programme.

What about the skills of the therapist?

All the therapists at the Clinic are highly skilled relationship counsellors. That means they have done a considerable amount of extra training to become a couple counsellor on top of their extensive psychotherapy training. All are accredited therapists working to very strict rules of their governing bodies. They are all supervised and mentored by Mary Clegg to ensure everyone receives the highest level of care with us.

The Focus on Unity Relationship Programme for Couples

Relationship counselling or sex therapy means that you will be required to do reflective work at home in addition to your talking sessions with your therapist. This may be extra reading, exercises specific to your issues, questionnaires and so on. Your therapist may use psycho education to help you understand your issues, know where they come from, and then how to work with or manage your difficulties. They use a variety of psychology models and ways of working which will be unique to them and they work within the Mary Clegg Clinic Relationship Programme framework as well.  This may include visualisation, body psychotherapy, creative art, sand tray, trauma management, stabilisation and above all safety and grounding methods which could include meditation, mindfulness and safe place/person calming and soothing methods.

What does it cost?

Fees start from £80.00 per 50-minute session.  If you want the best, supported by a method that is proven to work then CONTACT US now to make an appointment.