Therapy is a Supported Way forward

Getting reliable Happy Couple Smiling help and achieving positive outcomes for relationship and sexual difficulties can sometimes be difficult to find. Even more problematic is finding the level of support appropriate for your needs. Some may want long term counselling, others may simply want their position in a relationship confirmed with a few sessions.
 Mary’s way is different. She offers relationship counselling for couples or individuals aimed at deep analysis of emotional and physical conditions and, using a flexible, but dynamic approach, produce outcomes that can be life changing. She is comfortable and confident working with all aspects of sexuality.  She realises through her experience that relationship or sexual difficulties need a proactive and timely response and her challenging way of working really gets to the core of difficulties quickly so that there is minimal time taken to get the result that her clients need.
Quote:  ” Mary was not the cheapest therapist in town, but she really got to the root of our problems quickly”.
Quote:  Our experience with Mary was liberating and certainly salvation for our marriage”
Mary Clegg is a qualified Relationship Psychotherapist who can assess and advise on a range of relationship and/or sexual problems for individuals or couples. Mary is a graduate of the world renowned Porterbrook Clinic in Sheffield whose unique training enables her to assess and work with both the physical and psychological aspects of sexual functioning, together with the complex issues of couple relationships; the delivery of true holistic patient care.
Mary has a Diploma in Clinical Supervision and can supervise over a range of practice methods.  Her particular skill is relationship and sexual difficulties and she is recognised as having considerable expertise in the clinical aspects of sexual difficulties.  She has recently been asked to write a chapter on resources in sexual difficulties and she runs training events on many topics of human sexuality for couple counsellors, medical professionals and psychosexual therapists.
Mary has been featured in ITV’s This Morning Sex Week. The client, who appeared with her on the programme, has given her written permission to print here an extract from an outcome measures and feedback form that was completed by her at the end of the Intensive Therapy sessions. In answer to the question “please add any other comments on your therapy experience”, she replied: “Fantastic experience, in my short time with Mary I was unsure if any real difference could be made, however, within 24 hours I am much more confident (inside and out), happier and ready to take over the world! Thank you so much Mary, you’re a rock star!”